Scribble Wall

Our gigantic projection screen Scribble Wall measures 7 feet tall by 11 feet wide!

This is one photo experience your guests can’t miss, as their images are presented in larger-than-life format. The screen is controlled by laser emitting spray paint cans, so that your guests feel like they are spraying real paint! We recommend the Scribble Wall for large upscale events when you want to make a huge impression!

Our green screen add-on lets your guests to get extra creative! They can add custom backgrounds to any image, and manipulate the photos however they like. Sponsor logos, outer space, and famous places are just a few of the many backgrounds you can request. The green screen itself can be set to any size between 6 and 16 feet wide, allowing us to capture large groups in a singe shot. That’s something you just cant do in a traditional photo booth.

Scribble Wall is the ultimate party accessory. It entertains your guests, and creates fun memorabilia for them to take home as well. In addition to custom backgrounds, stencils, stamps, and footers, we also offer unlimited prints and digital copies of all the photos too! Your guests will be talking about your event for weeks.

Prices start at $1,200.   — Book Today! —   707-419-9993